Composite Aluminium foils

These are combined foils consisting of an aluminium foil and a thermoplastic coating.

Composite aluminium foils are used as barrier materials for desiccant methods involving longer conservation periods and in all climatic zones. One main feature is their low permeability to water vapour, regardless of the external climate.

The composition of such foils may vary, depending on the demands to be met, whereby the aluminium foil mainly determines the level of impermeability to water vapour. Permeability to water vapour falls with increasing thickness of the aluminium foil, though this also increases the stiffness of the material.

The particular advantage of packing with sealable composite aluminium foils lies in the tailor-made sealability of packages of any size. We also offer suitable sealing devices.


  • can be directly labelled and also offers surface suitable for adhesive labels,
  • low permeability to water vapour,
  • flexible barrier material, and
  • a variety of compositions are available.

A variety of packaging can be produced from composite aluminium foils:

  • cut to size / trimmed to fit base,
  • box covers,
  • crate liners,
  • flat bags,
  • shaped covers,
  • flat packs, and
  • special designs on request.