Polyethylene foils

Polyethylene foils are used as barrier materials for desiccant methods involved in short conservation periods (below 12 months) and in moderate climatic zones. They are also employed in VCI techniques. We offer foils with thicknesses of 120, 160 and 200 microns. We also, of course, offer suitable welding devices for polyethylene foils.

The advantages are clear. They:

  • are easy to process,
  • are transparent,
  • are weldable,
  • are reasonably priced,
  • can be labelled, and
  • offer an excellent surface for adhesion.

Polyethylene foils can be used to produce a wide variety of packaging:

  • cut to size/trimmed to fit base,
  • box covers,
  • crate liners,
  • flat bags,
  • shaped covers, and
  • special shapes according to your requirements