Self-adhesive composite foils

We offer greaseproof and waterproof packing material for demanding export, overseas, and long-term packaging.

The range of greaseproof and waterproof packing materials offers adapted products for the most varied of uses.

These are materials that are used for bags and wrappers. Greaseproof and waterproof packing materials protect the packed goods against moisture, humidity and other damage. They also protect against the soiling of inner packaging by dripping grease and oils.

The greaseproof and waterproof barrier material C-FOLIE®, produced in compliance with the MIL-B-121 standard, was originally used as a military packing material.

C-FOLIE® consists of a plastic foil, fabric mesh and a self-adhesive wax mixture that is applied to one or both sides depending on requirements.

Simple handling

Smaller machines, engines, crankshafts, etc. can be efficiently packed with C-FOLIE®. Grease or oils remain on the product and cannot drip.

If necessary, an aluminium foil can be incorporated in the C-FOLIE® to meet more demanding requirements – providing some resistance to steam and UV.

C-FOLIE® is suitable for use during storage and transport, and is ideal for export packaging.