VCI Materials
Volatile corrosion inhibitors

Volatile corrosion inhibitors are materials that prevent corrosion from their vapour phase. Rust destroys valuable metals. Corrosion, and its consequences, causes damage amounting to billions of euros every year.

This is unnecessary. Rust and corrosion have no chance when the right packaging is used.

Protective effect

The active chemical evaporates from the carrier material and deposits itself in molecular form on the metal parts to be protected. This prevents a reaction between oxygen and the metal surface. The material also gets into difficult-to-reach areas and even penetrates cavities, drilled holes, inner threads, etc.


  • No oiling or greasing required
  • A wide range of uses: for steel, iron, brass, copper, and aluminium
  • Corrosion protection can last years when a barrier layer is used in the packaging
  • Wide range of products offering the ideal corrosion solution
  • Active protection due to continuous flows of the VCI
  • No dense packaging required with use of VCI
  • Compensates for minor damage to the packaging
  • Protection in contact and from the VCI’s vapour phase, even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Rapid, time-saving use
  • Simple disposal through recycling


Range of products

  • Polyethylene foils in the form of tubes or flat foils, bags or covers
  • Foams
  • Paper
  • Solid board and corrugated cardboard blanks
  • Machined packaging made of solid board or corrugated cardboard
  • Cones and elements (dispensers)