Delivery programme

Compartment inserts made of dissipative solid board with many compartment sizes. Suitable in TVS, CTR, MB, CSC. Possible without tool costs and in small quantities!

TVS Shipping boxes

CORTRONIC®, with printed warning inner dimension
Set up, including one electrically conductive napped PU foam each  
01-TVS 40x40x15mm
02-TVS 62x62x25mm
flat without foam  
05-TVS 100x55x25mm
10-TVS 183x127x38mm
15-TVS 178x127x64mm
20-TVS 190x135x40mm
30-TVS 250x191x38mm
40-TVS 250x191x64mm
45-TVS 250x191x110mm
50-TVS 267x216x64mm
55-TVS 300x300x100mm
57-TVS 380x280x60mm
60-TVS 420x220x40mm
65-TVS 420x220x65mm


Inserts for TVS

napped foam, Height 20 mm Flatpac
Dissipative pink, electrically conductive, black on request Dissipative, with stretch foil based on PE
05-NS as 05-DFP
10-NS as 10-DFP
15-NS as 15-DFP
20-NS as 20-DFP
30-NS as 30-DFP
40-NS as 40-DFP
45-NS as 45-DFP
50-NS as 50-DFP
55-NS as 55-DFP
57-NS as 57-DFP
60-NS as 60-DFP
65-NS as 65-DFP



Shipping boxes incl. fixing film

Conductive Korrvu®, CORTRONIC® shipping boxes 
incl. Fixing foil  
Typ inner dimensions
20-KC 125x107x25mm
30-KC 160x127x34mm
40-KC 235x175x45mm
50-KC 282x228x70mm
60-KC 360x245x70mm

Shipping boxes with foam

CORTRONIC® PACK with printed Warning  
CORTRONIC® shipping boxes with dissipative napped foam (20 mm) or EL foam  
Typ Inner dimensions
05-TCP 150x115x40mm
10-TCP 200x140x50mm
20-TCP 280x140x100mm

Shipping boxes for EPROMS

shipping boxes for EProms with printed Warning  
CORTRONIC® shipping boxes incl. 6 mm electrically conductive foam (PE or PU) and/or 10 mm napped foam  
Typ Inner dimensions
05-TEP 95x30x15mm
10-TEP 100x60x15mm
15-TEP 100x60x30mm
20-TEP 120x100x15mm
30-TEP 155x70x25mm