To the very last drop - ADSORMAT® desiccator plugs

The functional principle

ADSORMAT® open-system desiccator plugs are mounted on the vent nozzles of drums, IBCs and tanks. ADSORMAT® dries the column of air above the content of the container, as well as any humid air subsequently flowing in through the vent nozzle during emptying.

This prevents any chemical reactions that could occur due to humidity in the surrounding air. ADSORMAT® desiccator plugs are functional in both vertical and horizontal arrangements.

Range of models - 2 basic types:

  • K-types: suitable for container sizes of up to 4,000 litres. Plastic housing (PC/PVC).
  • M-types: suitable for container sizes of up to 125,000 litres. Steel housing.

Practical refill packs of adsorbents are also available in appropriate sizes.



All ADSORMAT® desiccator plugs are equipped with reversible humidity indicators for 30, 40, and 50% RH. These change colour from blue to pink to show when the capacity limit of the adsorbent has been reached. All ADSORMAT® types can easily be exchanged on saturation of the desiccant. Simply use our practical refill packs.


ADSORMAT® desiccator plugs of Type K System K
ADSORMAT® desiccator plugs of Type M



Typ Part No. Thread Weight Filling Material Container size
K 400 H170560400 3/4" 0,6kg 400g molecular sieve max. 2000l
K 900 H170560900 3/4" 1,2kg 900g molecular sieve max. 4000l


Larger types available on request.
Typ Part No. Material Weight Filling Material Thread Container size
M 605 H170560605 Stahl 4,1kg 1,4kg molecular sieve 1/2" max. 9000l
M 610 H17056010 Stahl 11,5 kg 5,6 kg molecular sieve 1" max. 55000 l
M 615 H170560615 Stahl 23,0 kg 12,5 kg molecular sieve 1 1/2" max. 125000 l

Modell M605 M610 M615
A 0,5" BSP 1,0" BSP 1,5" BSP
B 125mm 171mm 258mm
C 174mm 220mm 305mm
D 90mm 125mm 180mm
E 35mm 45mm 48mm
F 50mm 50mm 50mm
G 146mm 194mm 260mm
H 193mm 381mm 381mm