This range of products includes numerous small desiccant bags for use in the areas of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, electrical engineering and optics. The small bags are also used in the packaging of food and dietary supplements. If necessary, they can also be provided in a form that complies with FDA specifications.

Packets absorb humidity in small containers and thus lengthen storage periods and product stability. They are easy to insert into the most varied of packages before sealing.

Packets are available in numerous standard dimensions. Because they are not subject to any special standards they can also be designed to meet customer-specific requirements.


Standard programme of packets made of GDTII with silica gel Filling

Part No. Weight (g) approx. size (mm) packets per container
4181 0,5 16 x 33 6.000 units/PE bag; 6.000 units/pail
4201 1 22 x 38 5.000 units/PE bag; 5.000 units/pail
4221 2 22 x 54 3.000 units/PE bag; 3.000 units/pail
4243 5 27 x 70 1.250 units/PE Beutel; 1.250 units/pail
25955627656 10 80 x 47 1.000 units/PE Beutel; 1.000 units/carton


Adsorption agent fillings for customi

  • Bentonite:                    DESI PAK®
  • Silica gel:                     SORB-IT
  • Molecular sieve:            TRI-SORB 
  • Activated carbon:          GETTER
  • Activated carbon/bentonite: 2-IN-1