Desiccant bags

Highly active desiccants are packed in bags whose packaging is strong enough to permit the passage of water vapour. Fibrous webs (GDT), composite materials, paper, Tyvek® or cotton fabrics can be used as packaging.

Product range:

  • DESI PAK® desiccant bag acc. to DIN 55473 in sizes of 1/6 - 32 desiccant units,
  • desiccant bags in special designs, adapted to the most varied of uses,
  • desiccant bags with variety of packaging and desiccants, and
  • desiccant tubes of differing lengths and filling weights.

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The desiccant bags are sealed in an activity-preventing sheath with defined water vapour permeability in order to ensure that the desiccant bag is still active when it arrives at the user’s premises and can be stored there for several months before its use.

The protective sheath is transparent so that the 8% humidity indicator is easily visible from outside to monitor desiccant activity. The desiccant is active as long as the colour of the indicator card is blue.

Full desiccant activity is only assured throughout a limited storage period that is about 6 - 9 months, assuming proper storage and the complete lack of impairment of the protective sheath and shipping packaging. We use corrugated cardboard boxes, metal drums or special large packaging when transporting our desiccants.

Desiccant bags are only effective if the air in a package is separated from the external climate by a barrier that prevents the passage of water vapour. Flexible barriers such as composite aluminium materials and polyethylene barrier foils, or rigid barriers made using coated cartons, composite materials, aluminium, sheet steel, etc. are employed to produce packages with climate-protection.

Desiccant bags DESI PAK® acc. to DIN 55473


DESI PAK® desiccant bags meet the demands of usual standards such as DIN, MIL, AFNOR and meet the quality and performance definitions specified within them. The desiccant bentonite used here is a highly active dry clay. This desiccant reduces the RH to <40%. The higher the RH of the surrounding air, the greater the maximum adsorption capacity.

DESI PAK® is used in:

  • the machine construction and metal industries,
  • the paper and electronics industries,
  • the chemical industry,
  • the automotive industry,
  • the shipping of dried foods or preserves,
  • the furniture industry,
  • all humidity-sensitive cargos, and
  • the transport or storage of military goods


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