Desiccant capsules

Desiccants in capsules are used in the packaging of optical, electronic and medical devices. They are also enclosed with pharmaceutical preparations to protect their humidity-sensitive ingredients. Multilingual warnings on the carton panel or on the plastic housing can either be directly printed or attached in the form of adhesive printed labels.

  • Capsule bodies made of transparent or coloured plastic, sealed on top with a carton panel that is permeable to water vapour.

Our standard range includes the following capsules:

Desiccant capsules made of pp with cardboard cover and silica gel filling

Part No. Name Filling Weight (g) Ø (mm) height (mm) Packets per container
C001112 K1 0,3 g 10 8 1.000 in PE 35.000/case
C006150 K3 0,65 g 15 10 1.000 in PE 15.000/case
C010137 K4 1,25 g 20 10 1.000 in PE 10.000/case
C014119 K5 2,65 g 29 10 1.000 in PE 4.000/carton
C016103 K30 27 g 63 18 40 in PE 480/carton

The capsules can be filled with varying quantities of the following adsorbents:

Adsorbents Effect
silica gel/white gel (Sorb-It) Absorption of moisture
Indicator gel Absorption of moisture
Molecular sieve (Trib-Sorb) Absorption of moisture
Activated carbon (Getter) Absorption of odours or gases
Activated carbon and Silica gel (2-in-1) Absorption of moisture and odours